Prof. Patrick C. Lee

Phone: 416-946-5407
Fax: 416-978-7753
Office Location: Mechanical Engineering Building, room MC311

Postdoctoral Fellows

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Dr. Rafaela Aguiar

Light Weighting Structural Injection Molded Parts for the Automotive Industry

Dr. Xingyu Fu

High Pressure Reverse Osmosis Water Membrane Development

Dr. Junuk Lee

Bio-Inspired Nano-structuring of Laser Induced Graphene (LIG)

Dr. Lei Zhang

RS 209 E-mail: Research: Crystallization and bubble growth in Polymer/Supercritical Fluid system

Graduate Students

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Hamidreza Akrami

PhD Student - RS210D Research: Polymer Fibrillation Processing

Nathan Chang

PhD Student - TBD Research: Injection foam molding of high-melt-strength PP

Yalda Chehrehsaz

PhD Student - MB68 Research: PDMS/TLC composites for self-cannulation mapping in home hemodialysis applications

Nichole Cheung

PhD Student - RS209 Research: Hybrid Hierarchical Polymeric Nanocomposites

Mahmoud Embabi

PhD Student - RS210D Research: Crystallization Behaviours of Micro-/Nano-layered Structures under Gas/SCF Pressures

Sumaiya Farzana

PhD Student - MB68 Research: Polymer foaming using chemical blowing agents (CBA) and visualization

Abdulla Faysal

PhD Student - RS206 Research: Electrical Properties of Multi-layered Films

Mayesha Binte Mahmud

PhD Student - RS210D Research: Structure-Property Relationship of Injection Molded Polypropylene Foam

Ali Reza Monfared

PhD Student - RS201E Research: ABS-based Nanofibril Composites

Sandra Romero

PhD Student - RS206 Research: Gas Saturated Polymer System Property: Crystal and Cell Nucleation/Growth Theory and Visualization

Saadman Sakib Rahman

PhD Student - TBD Research: Crosslinking of Rubber in Nanofibrillation

Nello D. Sansone

PhD Student - MB68 Research: Light Weighting Structural Injection Molded Parts for the Automotive Industry

Xie Wei Shen

MASc Student - RS316 Research: Crystal Nucleation/Growth and Foaming Study of PP/Gas Structures

Troy Su

PhD Student - TBD Research: Development of Bio-Degradable PLA-based Flexible Packaging Applications Using In-situ Fibrillation and Micro-/Nano-Layer Extrusion

Anthony Tuccitto

PhD Student - RS209 Research: Fibrillation of Bio-rubber-Reinforced, Asymmetric Poly (Lactic acid) Blends, for Tuneable Ductility and Enhanced Thermal Resistance

Jianxiang Zhao

PhD Student - TBD Research: Coextrusion of Micro-/Nano-layered Foams

Sima Zeinali Danalou

PhD Student - WB342 Research: Microscopy and 3D imaging of membranes

Utkarsh Chadha

MEng Student - Research: Producing Micro-/Nano-layered Film/Foam Structures via Coextrusion of Semi-crystalline Polymers

Wai Ho (Jojo) Chau

MEng Student - Research: Functional Nitroxyl-mediated Crosslinking for Lightweight Polyolefin Foams

Wesam Rabba

MEng Student - Research: Micro-layer Technology for Passive Daytime Radiative Cooling Applications

Joshua Salim

MEng Student - Research: Lightweight Injection Molded Composites

Qingyun (Ada) Yang

MEng Student - Research: Decoupling of Cell Nucleation and Crystal Nucleation in Polypropylene Foaming Process

Dorothy Yang

MEng Student - Research: Optimising the Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Graphene/Nylon-6 Nanocomposites

Simon Zheng

MEng Student - Research: Synthesis and Characterization of Self-Healing and Highly Stretchable Polyurethane Based on Dynamically Exchangeable Siloxane Bonds for Wearable Electronics


Previous Members

Dr. Andrew Anstey (Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Toronto, 2023)
Dr. Pengke Huang (Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Toronto, 2023)
Dr. Mohamed Cherif Azzaz (Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Toronto, 2023)
Eric Sundong Kim (PhD, U of Toronto, 2023)
Li Ma (PhD, U of Toronto, 2023)
Harshil Thakka (MEng, U of Toronto, 2023)
Shanshan (Grace) Xue (MEng, U of Toronto, 2023)
Dr. Mu Sung Kweon (Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Toronto, 2022)
Dr. Eunse Chang (Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Toronto, 2022)
Dr. Zahir Razzaz (Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Toronto, 2021)
Dr. Ruiyan Zhang (Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Toronto, 2021)
Chongxiang Zhao (PhD, U of Toronto, 2021)
Steven Mendoza-Cedeño (MASc, U of Toronto, 2022)
Linhan Yu (MASc, U of Toronto, 2021)
Osama Abuharb (MEng, U of Toronto, 2021)
Yu Nakamura (Visiting Scholar, U of Toronto, 2021)
Zuolong Chen (MASc, Uof Toronto, 2020)
Dr. Yongna Qiao (Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Toronto, 2020)
Mahmoud Embabi (MASc, U of Toronto, 2020)
Peixuan Li (MASc, U of Toronto, 2020)
Gautami Shah (MEng, U of Toronto, 2020)
Selina Xiangxiao Yao (PhD, U of Vermont, 2020)
Jung-Hyun Kim (MASc, U of Toronto, 2020)
Dr. Jean-Mathieu Pin (Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Toronto, 2020)
Dr. Hee Eon Park (Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Vermont, 2018)
Sandra Romero Diez (MASc, U of Vermont, 2018)
Eric Sundong Kim (MASc, U of Vermont, 2017)
Jason G.H. Lee (MASc, U of Victoria, 2016)